TRA and Telecom Operators in Bahrain Work Towards Achieving Single Network

31 Mar 2018

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain chaired a series of briefings with telecom operators from 18 March to 20 March 2018 to discuss the development of its New Economic Regulatory Framework (“The New Framework”) and offer operators the opportunity to present their views.

The New Framework gives effect to the Government’s Fourth National Telecommunications Plan (“NTP4”) objective of establishing the National Broadband Network (“NBN”), which is supported through a single fixed fibre network.

The purpose of developing the New Framework is to improve the quality of services, lower prices, and drive innovative technological advancements. The New Framework will encourage these improvements by ensuring that all operators can compete on a level playing field in the provision of services to end users.

TRA's Acting General Director, Sh. Nasser bin Mohamed Al Khalifa stated “The 4th National Telecom Plan mandates the move towards the single fixed fibre network supporting the development of a National Broadband Network in order to maintain the Kingdom’s outstanding position at the forefront of technological innovation.”

“The meetings were testimonial to the Authority’s dedicated effort to engage industry stakeholders in the development of the new economic regulatory framework, and promote service-based competition in the telecommunications market.” Sh. Nasser added.

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